Lab Mixer (JJH)
Jogindra Lab Mixer has the unique distinction of being the best in the performance. Their field of applications are extensive and include the following industries: Plastic (Rigid, Plasticized PVC Dry Blends), Ceramics, Chemicals, Dyes and Colours, Food Stuff, Pharmaceuticals etc. The mixing container is made of stainless steel. Its interior has industrial mirror finish. It is jacketed for additional heating or cooling by means of heat transfer oil, steam or water as required. By utilization of frictional heat the material may be sintered, agglomerated, dried vented, slightly gelled or hot coloured.
Model Vessel
Batch Capacity (kgs.) Drive (kW.)
JJH-010 10 2-5 2.23
JJH-020 20 5-10 3.7

The above capacities are based on 0.5 kg/l bulk density

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