Pelletizer (JEP)
The precision engineered JOGINDRA Pelletizers have become the first choice of compounding plants throughout the Plastic Industry. They have proven themselves in round-the-clock production in most of the large plants. Three considerations are given top priority in the design, engineering and manufacturing of JOGINDRA PELLETIZER: LOW MAINTENANCE; HIGH SERVICE and PRECISION CUTTING. The component having the most direct effect on cutting performance is the rotor itself. The diameter of the rotor and the cutting circle is determined by the number of cutting edges that can be provided on the rotor. The palletizing process takes place between the rotary and fixed knives having proven cutting angles and most economic method during continuous process.
  • Uniform Pallet Cutting
  • High Capacity
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low running cost
  • Cutting Knives wear resistant special steel
  • Easy replacement and adjustment of Cutting Knives
Model JEP 20
Useful Width (mm) 200
Production ( kg/hour) 200
No. of Strands 24
Fixed Blades 1
Rotary Blades 8
Motor ( hp) 2
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