Powder Vacuum Hopper Loader (JVL)
JogindraPowder Vacuum Hopper Loader is suitable for automatic feeding to extruders, processing machine, storage silos. Suitable for powders, granules etc.
  • Flap discharge valve with position signal transmitter.
  • Easy access for servicing the filter elements.
  • Level switch installed in vacuum hopper for control of batch loading cycle.
  • Reverse-jet cleaning.
  • Large filter surface area.
  • Large outlet diameter.
Model Batch Capacity (kg.) Conveying Capacity (kg/hr.) H.P.
JVL-125 25 150-300 7.5
JVL-150 50 300-600 10
JVL-175 75 600-1000 12.5
JVL-195 95 1000-2400 15

Conveying Capacity depends on vertical and horizontal distance

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