Ribbon Blender (JJR)
Jogindra Ribbon Blender is suited for PVC Dry Blends. It is specially designed for those compounds which require higher ratio of plasticization such as used in Footwear, Pipes, cables etc. The Blender construction is 'U' type made of stainless steel and jacketed around for heating by circulation of heated oil or heating system provided at lower part of blender. The homogeneous mixing is done by special spiral type mixing tool combination of radial & axial design operating at low speed. The mixed material can be directly transferred to Vertical or Horizontal mixer for further processing.
Model Vessel Capacity (ltrs) Batch Capacity (kgs) Drive (kW)
JJR-150 150 50 2.2
JJR-250 250 100 2.2
JJR-350 350 150 3.75
JJR-500 500 200 5.5
JJR-700 700 300 7.5
JJR-900 900 400 11.2
JJR-1200 1200 500 15
JJR-1700 1700 700 18.5
JJR-2500 2500 1000 22

The above capacities are based on 0.5 kg/ltr.bulk density.

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